Mission94 Firearms Education Center

Safety, awareness, education and training are leading principles at the Mission94 Firearms Education Center. Education and training in a safe, family friendly environment by top-rated certified instructors will be a hallmark of the facility. Licensed and certified in-house instructors will provide classroom and interactive training to beginners as well as more advanced students on subjects like concealed carry, home defense, firearm safety, distance shooting, and modern sporting rifle.

Students and patrons (from beginners to more advanced) will be able to participate in coordinated, historical packages to gain familiarity of particular firearms from certain eras of conflict and select countries, while under supervision of instructors. This will allow researchers, historians, and the public the opportunity to operate historical replicas and modern firearms to better understand the experiences of the Citizen Soldier.

The training area will be built underground, making it fully enclosed. The air filtration system will be state-of-the-art and exceed many industry standards and other regulations.