Construction Updates

COVID-19 Impact

Health and safety for everyone is our highest priority, which is why we are planning a virtual groundbreaking event mid-October for the Village of Somers community to celebrate the upcoming project. Please know we are fully committed to continuing to move this project forward. From the beginning, a main pillar has been to develop a project that fosters community. During these challenging social and economic times, we feel this is more important than ever.

As we get through this difficult time, we look forward to celebrating the future with each and every one of you. Please join us for the virtual groundbreaking and follow along on the journey by checking our website regularly and signing up for our email newsletter. Contact us with any questions or concerns using the form below or email us directly at

Project Updates

• Mass grading permit received 10/22/20 to begin construction.

• Construction began October 23, 2020.

• Project signs completed October 29, 2020.

• 35′ temporary flagpole going up on the property November 9, 2020.